Kyoto plus

The KYOTOplus campaign is a project of Canadian public interest groups designed to mobilize public support for an urgent solution to the global warming crisis. KyotoPlus – Escaping the Climate Trap – was a project of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in cooperation with WWF, Wuppertal Institute and the European Climate Forum. The associated KyotoPlus Conference was held from 28. – 29. September 2006 in Berlin.

The Kyoto Protocol might be a milestone of the climate protection. However, it is not the answer to everything. One of the problems: Not all countries, among them the United States, did ratify this agreement. More, the previously planned time slot 2012 closes. How things might go on was a topic at the Kyoto Plus conference held in September 2006 in Berlin. The meeting was organized by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy in Wuppertal, and the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF). The Congress was held under the motto “Ways out of the Climate Trap – New Objectives. New Alliances. New Technologies. New Policy.”

One of the objectives of Kyoto Plus is the further development of the multilateral climate protection, which founds on the Climat Change Convention and the Kyoto-Protocol. Instead to work on tedious identification of objectives it would be time to quickly and ambitious formulate long-term objectives regarding emission reduction being embedded into an international legal framework. The technology to reduce greenhouse gases is already implemented. Now is the time to further develop it on an ecological and social basis, establishing them on the market and increasing Investments into research. That’s the challenge for the policy. Policy has to overcome the inactivity of established patterns. At the same time, it is important to create nationally and internationally bound new alliances, finding new actors and institutional investors. That’s the only way to hit the big target – to maintain the average global warming below two degrees.