Reduction of the CO2 emissions

Limitation of the maximum CO2 emission on an extent with which the climate warming does not go beyond the limit of 2 degrees centigrade, because with more the climatic damage would increase exponentially.Every person on earth receives the same rights of using the atmosphere.A¬†global emission trading system ensures that climate-friendly…

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  • Environmentally Friendly Medical Technology

    Plasma is an ionized gas that can conduct electrical charges and absorb energy from a source of electricity. Manmade plasma formation takes place in a low-pressured atmosphere by emptying a reaction chamber, replenishing it with a low-pressured gas, and stimulating the gas. Overall, plasma is a gas that has enough energy to deliver for releasing the electrons […]

  • Modernization increases savings

    Modern homes can be black holes when it comes to energy. A look at your utility bills at the end of the month will stand testimony to this. There is however, ways in which homes, modern and old can be modified in order to conserve energy. To begin with, replace all incandescent bulbs with florescent […]

  • Bringing the Sun into your home

    Considering that renewable energy resources are fast depleting it only makes sense that we work towards its conservation. An alternate means of energy that is both economical as well as efficient is the key solution. Solar power can easily be harnessed for use at home. To begin with, it can be used to illuminate the […]