Considering that renewable energy resources are fast depleting it only makes sense that we work towards its conservation. An alternate means of energy that is both economical as well as efficient is the key solution. Solar power can easily be harnessed for use at home. To begin with, it can be used to illuminate the whole house. Solar energy uses the concept of photovoltaics where energy from the Sun is converted to electricity. Solar panels are connected to LED based lights. The panels are placed strategically on the exteriors of the house where they have maximum exposure to sunlight. At the end of the day, with a flick of a switch all lights connected to this panel will light up.

The same energy can be harnessed to heat water, light the interiors as well exteriors of your home and generate heat to warm up the house. Ideally, these elements need to be worked into the home or apartment at the time of construction. However, incorporating these into existing structures is not difficult at all. Solar devices are now available which further allow you to conserve energy. For example, smart lights turn themselves on and off depending on the amount of natural light present. There are also lights that turn themselves off if they sense that there is no one around. Solar lights can also be automated to give optimum benefit. What’s more is that aesthetic beauty has also been taken into consideration and solar powered lights are available in a myriad of shapes and designs to suit any environment and theme.

Solar panels for water heating are placed on the roofs of homes and these are connected to the water supply of the house. Once in place, these panels can provide you with hot water round the clock. Whether it is for lighting or heating purposes, solar panels are an essential part of the process. Technology has developed to such an extent now, that these panels are capable of harnessing the Sun’s energy even on a dull or rainy day.