Energy saving lamps uses a fraction of the needed energy to produce light. This makes them revolutionary products that need to be introduced to homes. There is a constantly growing demand for them considering that people are beginning to understand the need and importance of energy conservation. These products today can be bought in a myriad of shapes and sizes to suit all fixtures. The light they emit is soft, thereby eliminating harshness in your interiors. They come with dimmers allowing you to change lighting schemes in your homes as per need. They are durable and often come with a guarantee period.

Energy saving lamps are available based on rooms and needs. The one you use in the family room will vary in characteristics as well as features from the one used in the bedroom. Having such precisely designed lighting options will allow you to make an informed choice in the selection of energy saving lamps. The energy star rating that comes with most of the existing brand names will also work towards making the right choice. Energy saving lamps are known to conserve as much as 80 percent of energy per bulb. These figures put together for all the lights in your home can lead to a substantial save in electricity bills. It also significantly brings down pollution.

Other great characteristics of these energy saving lamps are that they typically have a much longer life than ordinary bulbs. They are also much lighter in terms of weight. As you work at reducing your electricity bills, you are also working towards stopping the ill effects of global warming.