Modern homes can be black holes when it comes to energy. A look at your utility bills at the end of the month will stand testimony to this. There is however, ways in which homes, modern and old can be modified in order to conserve energy. To begin with, replace all incandescent bulbs with florescent ones. The energy used is only 10 percent compared to florescent ones. Purchase an insulation jacket for your water heater. It cuts down your CO2 production drastically. Replace your showerheads with flow-controlled ones. This conserves warm water and thereby energy. Winterize your homes. Weather-strip your windows to prevent air leaks. This is great to keep the cool of the air-conditioning in your homes. Your utility company will conduct an audit of your home and give you tips on how and where you can conserve energy in your home.

When you are planning some home improvement work, also make provisions for insulation of your walls and ceilings. This reduces the need for heating by around 30 percent. Give your windows a makeover. Opt for argon-filled windows. Those in double glaze go a great way in conserving the energy that is used to heat up a home. There can never be enough of greenery around. Plant as many trees, shrubs and saplings around your home to provide it with natural shade.

Think of replacing all your old appliances with those that come with an energy star rating. These products are rated based on how much energy they conserve and how much pollution they reduce. Investing in a front loading washing machine and solar water heating systems as well as lighting can reduce your energy consumption significantly.